Criminal History

House Bill 963 passed during the 81st Legislative Session (2009) which amended the Occupations Code to authorize a person to request a criminal history evaluation letter from a licensing authority regarding the person's eligibility for a license.  This may be requested by a person who is enrolled, planning to enroll, or a graduate of an educational program that prepares a person for an initial license.  If the applicant is planning to take an examination for an initial license and has reason to believe that he/she is ineligible for the license because of a conviction or deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor offense, the evaluation should be requested well in advance.

Petition For Criminal History Evaluation Letter Form

Recent changes to Texas law (Chapter 801, Occupations Code) require that all licensed veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs), and licensed equine dental providers (EDPs) submit fingerprints to the Board for purposes of performing a criminal history record information check.

Beginning with licenses expiring in January 2019, you will not be permitted to renew your license until you have submitted your fingerprints to the Board. New Applicants will be required to submit fingerprints beginning October 1st, 2018.

** Fingerprints currently on file with ANY other state or federal agency (for example DPS for License to Carry Permits) will NOT be accepted ** 

** Military personnel on active duty may continue to renew while on active duty**

How Do I Submit My Fingerprints?

  • Fingerprints are submitted through IdentoGo Centers located throughout the state
  • To enroll online go to OR to enroll by telephone call 1-888-467-2080
  • Use service code 11HT6Y
  • From IdentoGo’s website, you can:
    • Schedule or manage fingerprinting appointments
    • Find out what documents to bring to an appointment
    • Locate an enrollment/fingerprinting center
  • The total cost of fingerprinting is $37
  • Contact Identogo for any questions regarding fingerprinting out of state and give them service code 11HT6Y when calling.

How Will the Board Use My Fingerprints?

  • The Board will be notified if you are arrested or charged with a crime
  • The Board may pursue disciplinary action if you engage in illegal practices in, or connected with, the practice of veterinary medicine or equine dentistry
  • The Board may pursue disciplinary action if you have failed to disclose criminal activity on a license application or renewal
  • Please note that you are still required to report criminal activity within 30 days pursuant to Board Rule 573.70
  • The Board and its vendors will ensure that your private information is protected

What Happens if I Don’t Submit My Fingerprints?

  • You may not renew your license until the Board has received your fingerprints
  • Your license will expire at the end of your birth month
  • Practicing with an expired license is illegal and you may be subject to disciplinary action

Questions regarding this process? Contact Jerod Honrath, Compliance Investigator, by email at or call our office at (512)305-7555.