Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE)

All CE approvals require a minimum of five business days to process, please submit all approval requests AT LEAST five business days before the course for appropriate consideration.

Continuing education requirements need to be met during the 2015 calendar year so that you can renew your license in 2016.  Beginning on January 1, 2016 we are transitioning to a birth-month renewal process.  Your expiration date will change from March 1, 2016 to the last day of your birth-month in 2016.  After you renew your license in 2016, you will have until your expiration date in 2017 to complete your CE.  CE earned during your birth month is accepted, as long as the CE was completed before you renew your license.  During this transition, we will accept all CE earned in 2016 towards your 2017 renewalNew licensees are not required to obtain any CE the first year of licensure. The Authority to Practice letter that we mailed to you will outline this policy in further detail.

DVMs are required to obtain 17 hours, LVTs are required to obtain 10 hours, and EDPs are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education annually. See Rule 573.64

For types of acceptable CE, see Rule 573.65. It is your responsibility to make sure the continuing education you take is acceptable. See link below for Approved Associations and Societies. EDPs have different continuing education requirements, see below.

Acceptable Continuing Education for EDPs

Acceptable CE for Equine Dental Providers is defined as continuing education seminars that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Internal Association of Equine Dentistry (IAED). For more information please see their website:

The Equine Dental Providers of America are sponsoring acceptable CE in November. For details, please see their website:

Failure to meet the continuing education requirement is grounds for disciplinary action. See Rule 573.66. CE obtained before receiving your license does not count towards your annual requirement.

The following information is provided to assist both CE Providers and Veterinarians in complying with the CE requirements:

Approved Associations or Societies

General CE Table

Record Keeping CE

Sample CE Certificate

Continuing Education Provider Requirements

Veterinary Continuing Education Tracking (VCET)

New!  Beginning January 1, 2016 a fee will be charged for CE approval.  See applications below for fee amounts.

Standard of Review for CE Applications

DVM Continuing Education Application for Providers

LVT Continuing Education Application for Providers

EDP Continuing Education Application for Providers

If you have questions about continuing education, please contact the licensing division at 512-305-7555 or