Continuing Education

For New Licensees:

CE obtained before receiving your license does not count towards your annual requirement. New licensees are not required to obtain any CE the first year of licensure. The Authority to Practice letter that we mail you upon licensure will outline this policy in further detail. See Rule 573.64


For Renewing Licensees:

A licensee shall earn the required hours (see below for amounts) of acceptable continuing education during the renewal year immediately preceding the licensee's application for license renewal. CE earned during your birth month is accepted, as long as the CE was completed before you renew your license


Records note: You must keep hard copies or electronic copies of your certificates for 4 years, as you will be required to produce them in case of an audit. Failure to meet the continuing education requirement is grounds for disciplinary actionSee Rule 573.66. 



Continuing Education (CE) for DVMs:




DVMs are required to obtain 17 hours of continuing education annually. For types of acceptable CE, see Rule 573.65. It is your responsibility to make sure the continuing education you take is acceptable. See link below for Approved Associations and Societies.


DVMs may earn up to 34 hours in one year and use 17 for that year and 17 for the following year. You may not retroactively apply any credits to last year, and if you earn more than 34 credits in one year, the balance above 34 is unusable for compliance in any year.


As stated in the Texas Occupations Code, veterinarians are required “to complete 2 hours of continuing education related to opioid abuse and controlled substance diversion, inventory, and security every two years to renew a license to practice veterinary medicine." See 801.307. These two hours should be counted as part of the 17 required hours for that year.


Approved Opioid and Controlled Substances Courses for DVM CE:


  1. Texas A@M Veterinary Opioids On-Demand Course
  2. University of Illinois- Safe Prescription of Opioids in Veterinary Care
  3. Drip Learning Technologies Course Opioid 411
  4. AVLS-Babcock Opioid Animal and Vet Legal Services-A One Health Approach to Opioid Crisis
  5. Vet Med Team-Controlled Substance Management in Vet Medicine Program# 769259
  6. IntroVet- Opioids: Safety, Storage and Responsible Pain Management
  7. Jan Woods Controlled Substance 101
  8. TBVME/DEA OPIOID Course: This course must be taught by agents from TBVME/DEA
  9. Med Vet-The ABCs of Controlled Substance in Vet Medicine need parts 1-3 to get full credit
  10. Auburn University -Vet Pharmacy Law Review-Opioid Crisis and aid in Prevention and Diversion
  11. Brief Media/Plumb’s Opioids and Controlled Substances: Opioid Crisis and the Veterinarian
  12. Oklahoma State 2024 Opioid CE-Opioids and Controlled Substances for Vets and Regulatory Aspects of Veterinary Medicine


Continuing Education (CE) for LVTs

LVTs are required to obtain 10 hours of continuing education annually. For types of acceptable CE, see Rule 573.65. It is your responsibility to make sure the continuing education you take is acceptable.


Continuing Education (CE) for EDPs

EDPs are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education annually.

Acceptable CE for Equine Dental Providers is defined as continuing education seminars that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Internal Association of Equine Dentistry (IAED). For more information, please see their website: The Equine Dental Providers of America (EDPA) are also now sponsoring acceptable CE. For details, please see their website:


Approved Associations or Societies

General CE Table

Record Keeping CE

Sample CE Certificate

Continuing Education Provider Requirements

Veterinary Continuing Education Tracking (VCET)


If you would like to provide CE for veterinary licensees:

If you would like to offer CE Classes, Seminars or Workshops for DVMs, LVTs or both, you must submit an application and a fee to TBVME in advance of the date(s). See applications below for fee amounts. 


All CE approvals require a minimum of 10 business days to process, from the date of submission, so please submit all CE approval requests AT LEAST 10 business days before the course for appropriate consideration.


Note: If you would like to offer CE credit to both DVMs and LVTs, please fill out BOTH applications below, along with the fee for each (two fee amounts in one check or money order).


We do not offer retroactive credit, you may only request approval for events occurring more than 10 days in the future. Once approved, the exact same talk, with the exact same outline, and the exact same presenter may be repeated multiple times in the calendar year in which it is approved, if future dates not on initial application are submitted via email to the licensing department.


Please note: Per our Standard of Review below –

Only DVMs may teach DVM CE

Only DVMs or qualified LVTs are allowed to teach LVT CE

Only DVMs or EDPs are allowed to teach EDP CE


Standard of Review for CE Applications

DVM Continuing Education Application for Providers

LVT Continuing Education Application for Providers

EDP Continuing Education Application for Providers


If you have questions about continuing education, please contact the licensing division at 512-305-7555 or