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That may seem like a pretty obvious statement, but it isn't in reality. The Veterinary Licensing Act defines the practice of veterinary medicine as the diagnosis, treatment, correction, change, manipulation, relief or prevention of animal disease, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical condition, including the prescription or administration of a drug, biologic, anesthetic, apparatus, or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance or technique; representation of an ability and willingness to perform the acts listed above; or use titles, words, or letters to induce the belief that a person is legally authorized and qualified to perform an act listed above; or the receipt of compensation for performing an act listed above.

The Board has encountered several situations where interns and/or their employers are under the impression that interns do not need to be licensed by this Board to practice veterinary medicine. Any graduate of a college of veterinary medicine requires a license to practice. Only full-time students of accredited colleges of veterinary medicine, participating in an extern or preceptor program, and working under the direct (on premises) supervision of an employing veterinarian, are allowed to practice veterinary medicine prior to obtaining a license. Once a student has graduated, they are no longer authorized to perform those duties defined as the practice of veterinary medicine until they get a license.

With graduation coming up, the potential for another problem arises. Please don't enter into binding agreements with potential veterinarian employees that do not yet have a Texas license. At the very minimum, base any agreements on obtaining a license. In many instances, non-licensed individuals have been hired, moved from out of state, arrangements made for housing and family, and all based on guaranteed employment. If for any reason the candidate fails to promptly obtain a Texas license, the employer and employee are placed in an unfortunate situation for which the Board has no solution.

571.5 Qualifications for Veterinary License sets out the procedures for application and examination.

How to Apply for a License

An applicant must have taken and passed the NBE and the CCT or the NAVLE prior to being eligible to take the State licensing examination. Applicant must have graduated from the AVMA-accredited college of veterinary medicine or possess an ECFVG or PAVE certificate of completion.

Below is the State Board Exam (SBE) application packet which can be downloaded. Please complete the application and submit it with ALL required, applicable supporting documentation by the deadline. We only accept applications for the exam date given in the application.

State Board Exam

Applicants that require ADA accommodations, please click here for dates and forms.

**Licensing Examination Clarification**

In order to be eligible to apply for the State Board Exam (SBE), you must have taken and passed the two old national examinations (NBE and CCT), or the new national examination, the NAVLE. Please note that this board restricts the number of NAVLE retakes, as per the NBVME’s policy effective with the fall 2007 testing window. This means that you must pass the NAVLE in five (5) attempts or you are NOT eligible to apply for a Texas license. If you have questions regarding this limitation, please contact the board office.

The Board changed the composition of the State Board Examination to include only jurisprudence questions related to the Veterinary Licensing Act (laws), Rules of Professional Conduct (Chapter 573) and Licensing Rules (Chapter 571). They did not remove the requirement that applicants take and pass the State Board Examination.

License Examination Dates

View the 2015 examination dates. (PDF File)

If you have any questions regarding exams, applications or licensing, please contact Marilyn Hartman, the Director of Licensing at 512.305.7558, or marilyn@veterinary.texas.gov



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