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The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is the State's agency that regulates the practice of veterinary medicine by licensing and regulating veterinarians. It also takes action against non-licensed persons who violate the Veterinary Licensing Act by practicing without a license. The Board licenses individuals by verification of their credentials and examination. Those who meet the minimum qualifications and pass the required examinations receive a license that is renewed annually. The agency receives and investigates complaints against veterinarians and persons practicing without a license. The Board sanctions licensees who have been found to have violated the Board's rules and the Act. Cases involving practicing without a license are investigated and, if a violation is found, the Executive Director first seeks voluntary compliance by getting the person to sign a cease and desist order. If further violations occur, the law requires these cases be prosecuted by a county or district attorney.

The Board and its staff are committed to excellence in their service to the public and the veterinary profession. The Board's first priority is to protect the public. It must maintain high standards for veterinarians who seek licensure in Texas, as well as high standards for those who are already in practice. The Board also has a commitment to its licensees by keeping them informed about the law, its rules, and related information. In keeping with these commitments, the Board has the following goals, objectives, and standards of performance.

General Office Operations

  1. All staff will be courteous and professional in dealing with persons who contact the Board's office.
  2. During office hours callers will be greeted by a receptionist, not an automated option menu.
  3. No caller will be placed on hold for more than one minute except in unusual circumstances or when they are waiting for staff to retrieve information. If being on hold is inconvenient, staff will get the person's number and call the person back with the information.
  4. At least 95% of open records requests will be completed and returned or mailed within 24 hours of receipt. Requests that require data base inquiries will be filled within 10 business days.
  5. At least 90% of the requests for information via the internet will have a response within three business days. None will be over 5 business days without informing the person making the request of the expected time to provide the information requested.
  6. Requests for publications - Board publications include examination applications, laws, rules, newsletters, and brochures. At least 90% of the requests will have the items mailed within 24 hours. All requests will be met within 3 business days unless extraordinary circumstances occur.

Complaints and Enforcement

Goal - Complaints will be investigated thoroughly, in a timely manner, and the integrity of the process will be maintained.

Objective - The average resolution time for resolving complaints against veterinarians will be 140 days or less.

Objective - A public member of the Board will be present during informal disciplinary conferences in at least 50% of the conferences held.

Compliance Inspections - The Board will increase the number of compliance inspections performed annually from 400 to 600, contingent upon adequate travel funds.

License and Examinations

License Verifications - Written requests for license verification will be met within 5 business days; none more than 10 days. Telephone requests are provided at the time of the call.

Requests for License and Examination information will be sent within 3 business days of the receipt of the request.

Processing of License renewals - License renewal certificates will be sent to the licensee within 3 business days of receipt of the completed renewal form and correct payment. None will be sent more than 5 business days after receipt, unless extraordinary circumstances arise.

Examination Results - Results are mailed to applicants within 14 days from the receipt of results, provided all application requirements are met.

Information Service Information is provided to the Board's customers by the following resources.

Board Notes - The Board meets three times each year. After each meeting a newsletter is distributed to all licensees and any other party who requests it. The newsletter contains information about major issues or events, the text or summaries of proposed and adopted rules, and disciplinary actions taken by the Board.

Website - The Board maintains a website. It includes or has links to: the Veterinary Licencing Act; Board rules; examination dates, locations, and application deadlines; board meeting dates, times, and locations; special notices; key information from the Board's publication, Board Notes; and, numerous agencies and organizations related to the practice and regulation of veterinary medicine. The site also publishes the current board members names and their home towns.

Filing a Complaint with the Board

The Board only investigates written complaints submitted on a specific form. Each veterinarian is required to display a notice that indicates how and to whom complaints are filed. Requests for information about filing a complaint may come by phone, be written, or e-mailed. If the person wishes to make a complaint, a complaint form and a general information brochure will be sent that explains the jurisdiction of the Board, an overview of the process, and instructions on how to complete the complaint form. When the completed form is received, within 5 days the complainant is sent a confirmation letter confirming receipt of the complaint and a second brochure that explains the complaint resolution process more fully. A similar letter and brochure is sent to the veterinarian along with a copy of the complaint and a request that the veterinarian respond to the complaint. Parties in a complaint are informed of the status of the complaint at least every 90 days. To receive a complaint form, you may call (800) 821-3205.

The agency customer service representative is Loris Jones (Loris.Jones@tbvme.state.tx.us). She may be contacted via e-mail or at the address and telephone numbers listed below.

The Board is committed to providing excellent customer service. Concerns with regard to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner's staff may be directed to Loris Jones, Customer Service Representative. A response will be provided with 5 working days.



Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
333 Guadalupe Street Tower III Suite 810
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512.305.7555
Complaints only: 1.800.821.3205
Fax: 512.305.7556
Legal/Human Resources Fax: 512.305.7574
Enforcement Fax: 512.936.0837
email: vet.board@veterinary.texas.gov

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